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C04P15 – POW!

C04P15 – POW! published on 29 Comments on C04P15 – POW!

For some reason everyone EXCEPT Pakku gets serious sound-effects. Our dear Auditor, on the other hand, gets something right out of old-school Batman. POW!

Jande of Aedre’s Firefly wrote a lovely Feature on LeyLines last Wednesday! Thank you Jande! Her webcomic was also the Webcomic Alliance’s Pick of the Week recently too, so be sure to take a look at it!

As part of the SpiderForest Collective, I’m featuring a Comic of the Week! This week, Dream*Scar: In a post-modern, alternate reality, Unhumans are known to exist. What would you do if you were one of them — one of the dangerous ones? The artwork on this comic is just overwhelmingly gorgeous. I could spend hours just drowning in the lighting, the textures, and the colors. The story feels like it’s just warming up, and starting to get deliciously dark!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Oh no he didn’t!

I feel a certain satisfaction at seeing something that I find so creepy get punched in the face. GO TEAM PAKKU!

Haha! Maybe I should make some TEAM PAKKU buttons. I wonder what I’d put on them? His glasses? The hat?

Question for you…you’re from Denver, and you write…do you happen to work with a Francesca Duchene in a writers group each Sunday??

Yes, go Pakku! I continue to live vicariously through you. And, glad to know I’m not the only person who prefers to write/create away from others.

I’ve never been a social writer. I do have one person that is my trusted editor, but it took a long time for event THAT relationship to develop. I really struggle to write in a crowded place, and the result are rarely good when I do! I don’t even know how people in coffee shops function!

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