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C04P14 – You said that already

C04P14 – You said that already published on 13 Comments on C04P14 – You said that already

Caption Contest Entries! I had a blast reading these, so I hope you find them equally amusing. I was surprised at the number of people secretly gunning for Team Warren/Pakku (aka, the good ship Wakku). Oh, sure, you SAY it’s just a joke in good fun, but we both know that in every jest lies the tiniest grain of truth. 😉 Thanks for your submissions! If I missed anybody, please let me know!


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I like Pakku’s no-nonsense reaction to this demon vision. “You said that already.” Ha. It is my fantasy that if faced with some supernatural entity I would be calm and collected and refuse to be cowed by it, when in reality I would probably seek a blanket to hide under, but Pakku, he’s living my dream!

Me too! I’d love to think that I would be steadfast in the face of mystical weirdness…but I have the sneaky suspicion that in reality I’d just freeze up and turn into a nonsense-sputtering statue. Pakku will have to stand-in for both of us. 🙂

I feel like “You said that already” would also be my response to this… thing. If it wasn’t just incoherent screaming.

I can’t decide if I like the one about pizza rolls or comic sans better. Because both are criminal offenses.

Also, I’m totally Team!Ironic Wakku. It would be so *awkward.* …and Team LuLan.

It would be ridiculously over-the-top awkward. A walking ball of awkwardness. It would make a seven-legged cat with a missing eye and no whiskers appear like a graceful swan.

Team LuLan, on the other hand, would be a ridiculous stereotype relationship, the likes of which I shudder to contemplate. All the more reason to encourage the silliness. 🙂

(And in answer to your other question…I’m leaning towards Zhizha, personally…)

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