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C04P12 – Tormented Dead

C04P12 – Tormented Dead published on 19 Comments on C04P12 – Tormented Dead

Ahhhh sometimes ya just gotta get a little spooky. It’s funny, I like to incorporate horror elements in a lot of my storytelling…but I can’t stand horror films!! My imagination is far to over-active, and my brain will latch onto the scariest part of any film and make it into a far more terrifying nightmare. The Village gave me nightmares. And it’s…not really a scary film. I DO like a film with good suspense, but I feel like most horror films rely on gore and shock value, rather than genuine tension. Maybe I’m just a wuss. I can deal, but not take, a bit of creepiness.

In news, Andy Goldman of Lithicbee wrote a lovely review for LeyLines! Thank you Andy! If you guys are looking for new comics to read, take a look at his Webcomic Wednesday reviews! I’ve already found some new favorites!

I’m featuring other SpiderForest members in a Comic of the Week exchange! This week is Cetiya. Welcome to NAMAST…an organization of “magic-users” who fight crime. Pada is one of their best Adepts, but contains no memories of his own. Nine is his handler and has too many memories for her comfort. Together they make one of the most formidable teams NAMAST has. This is a world where magic is technology, where memory is reduced to rewritable data, and where–for one man with no identity–trust is everything. Please note that this comic is rated for mature readers only!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

See, this one doesn’t creep me out at all. I’m much more vulnerable to psychological horror. If I see it, it doesn’t scare me. But if you make me *think* about it… that being said, The Village scared the shit out of me. Just because things with claws and pig faces do that.


I’m with Skysong here. Normal horror doesn’t creep me out at all. I sit there heckling the cast the whole movie– I’ve actually been banned from horror movie night with my friends because of this. But give me something like Amnesia or something where it’s very clear that the main character creates their own horror and I might be scared.

That being said, this particular page very nicely straddles that line. It’s great to have seen Mizha’s idealized version of her mother before so we can compare it to these nightmare-type visions.

I’m so excited you picked up on the contrasts between the idealized mother and this alternate side! Makes me giddy when a reader notices those connections. 🙂

I’m sure that your readers notice more than they ever tell you. 🙂 I mean, I got the pose too, but the different ‘versions’ of her mother Mizha’s got in that little brainpan of hers interested me a lot more.

Except when I snuck up on my roommate and played Naiome on her and she freaked out. That was fun.

I sense a theme with nightmare mothers in your work Robin. Just a little bit. And teeth. There’s the teeth too lately.

I find it kinda interesting that you specifically mention horror films, not horror the genre. Was it just the first thing that came to mind, or are they “extra bad” somehow?
Media. They make me curious.

Yeeeaaaah there’s a reason for that. Although it’s worth mentioning that this is Mizha’s internal mother manifestation, rather than a fully accurate version of Naiome in life.

As for horror films vs. the genre, I guess I feel like that’s the worse culprit for badly done horror. A lot of written work still gets it right, but a book can’t rely on orchestral stings to make you jump.

The image is all the more disturbing in that she is cradling Vekken’s body on the one hand in a protective, motherly manner, and on the other hand (literally and figuratively) in an almost sexual manner. Zombie-mother-sexual vibes; creepy indeed.

hi robin my friend and i were so exited when you came to our school we got a ley lines book. Your book was so amazing we finished it in a matter of minutes. Now we are reading the second book on the computer. IT IS ALSO AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

PS. Your pictures are amazing!!!!!

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