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C04P10 – My Eyes are Diamonds

C04P10 – My Eyes are Diamonds published on 23 Comments on C04P10 – My Eyes are Diamonds

Does this creature seem familiar to you? Granted, it’s not QUITE how we saw it last. Do you think it holds a grudge?

I recently had a reader give me their Theory on What The Heck Was Going On. It really made me wonder — what do the rest of you guys think? What is YOUR theory?

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That is…a supremely creepy thing to say, and I’m not even sure why! Probably that has a lot to do with how frightening “It cuts both ways” sounds…not being sure of exactly what’s being cut, but knowing it’s something IMPORTANT AND POSSIBLY DEADLY.

Agh, no, Warren!

This page is creepy and awesome, and you did a very good job portraying his pose naturally.

Thank you! Khan helped me out with the reference on the pose, while I pretended to be a giant chicken man.

I find it funny that if we ever have children, those will be the only kinds of photographs we’ll have to show our kids what we were like when we were young. 8)

I don’t have much of a theory, but I have a suspicion that Mizha may have sent this creature to catch Lu Pai, who was wearing a uniform which looks just like the one Warren is wearing. So now “it cuts both ways” as the creature attacks an ally instead of the enemy. Though I suppose that the “cuts both ways” could also mean that “you can’t hide from me, and I can’t hide from you”.

I really like your attention to the phrasing and the different ways it could be interpreted. With dream dialog I like to construct phrases that have multiple meanings. In the case of most dialog in Mizha’s dreams and illusions, there usually micro and macro applications to Mizha personally and the world at large!

No theories. Too freaked out. D:

Oh. Wait. I do have a theory. Mizha needs a different hobby besides dropping acid. D:

Which, I suppose, leads me to a question: what are gender roles like in Tamakepe society? Are women allowed to work? I feel like it ought to be different from the sort of Victorian-era ideal roles our society is still hungover from, since their god emphasizes reason and logic. But maybe not, since logic never enters into bigotry.

It depends on your class, and the culture. Each of the provinces have different views towards the role women play. Women in all of Itsuri receive grade-school education, but typically no higher education beyond that. Because, as we all know, girls can’t do math (said the female Engineer…). Women in lower classes work. Women in upper classes typically are taught the gentle arts of music, dance, literature, sewing, flower arranging, etiquette, etc. Subjects such as history, science, mathematics, politics, etc are considered too coarse for refined women.

This is particularly true in the southern and western regions of Ulvaima, Tamapa’O, and Momuru. (For those of you that would like a reference for all the provinces I’m about to spout, you can find them here.) In Kuzopa it’s a game of survival of the fittest, and frankly you’re lucky if you get any education at all. Besides, it’s how well you can handle a cannon, throw a knife, haggle a price, or drink somebody under the table that matters. In Kizhimo there is some push for women’s rights, and it’s in a very loud, “look how progressive we are”, political maneuvering sort of way. However, the institution is so deeply established that nothing actually moves too far, too fast there. Big show, little substance. Perhaps the most surprising (at least to the rest of Itsuri) would be the leniency shown in Vilazozhu. Predominantly rural, Vilazozhu has never had much to differentiate itself. Its current Steward plans to change that.

Steward Otto va Polai has a power of focus that borders on obsession once a topic has caught his attention. He is notoriously stubborn, something many in his family have been known for, but never quite to the extreme Otto demonstrates. Otto has dedicated his life to improving the quality of life in his province, pouring resources into innovations, incentives, and infrastructure. He was a strong supporter of the Kuzopa railway construction, and established the Vilazozhu University at one of the rail-station hubs. The Steward does not care what gender, race, or religion his people are. What he cares about are results, and NOW. Vilazozhu University doesn’t make a big deal of its “loose” standards. It just quietly has the door open for whoever wants to enroll. Be they women, Timu, or atheists.

There’s something really wonderful about that statement. “My eyes are diamonds.”

I really enjoy that phrase too. There’s something about the symbolic nature of diamonds that I like. Their clarity, their value, their durability. That one phrase can be interpreted in many ways, and in this situation, multiple interpretations can all simultaneously be correct. I love words!!

I think it is a god trying to deliver a message that Mizha doesn’t want to hear (probably the one that is related to her visions, as the Dream Eater is to Zhiro’s), so it has to go elsewhere to find listeners.
It is obviously an important message; it keeps repeating the same thing from proper visions, since she refuses to heed it.

Or it is a mutated parrot which has only
learned 3 lines.

Either way, I really have no idea what the gods want or where the story is going…

What’s most interesting to me is that if you take each theory and combine them together, all you guys are getting remarkably close to putting together the whole picture. BECAUSE MY READERS ARE THE AWESOMEST EVER.

At the very least, I hope that despite not knowing where the story is going, you’re intrigued enough to want to stay. I’ve been enjoying chatting with you in the comments. 🙂

My theory is more of a guess. I don’t tend to theorize as to what’s going on in a comic but I rather learn what’s going on and be surprised.
BUT, since you asked here’s my guess:

The object that was broken seems to be controlled a bit by mizha’s subconscious. And it’s taking these images in her mind and making them real.
I think it also draws on others minds as well, which it why we’re seeing hints of what other people may fear or regret (IE vepina, the one who wants to web mizha, etc)

Huzzah! One thing that many people have been over-looking is the personal element to Mizha. There IS something bigger than just the junk in her unconscious mind going on here, but she’s still an integral part of it. The images of her dreams, and what they mean to her, DO play a part on all this.

And you caught some of the details of how Illusions in this world work, too. We’ll be getting to more of that later, but I won’t spoil it here. I’ll just say that you are brilliant, spot on for the pieces that you guessed, and awesome. As usual. 🙂

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