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C04P08 – What is it?

C04P08 – What is it? published on 16 Comments on C04P08 – What is it?


The book proof for volume one came in for my review!! You can see more photos of the interior over on my Tumblr account. Along with some previews of the extra material I crammed in the book!

The short of it is: These are going to be truly beautiful books. The color is sleek and gorgeous, the quality of paper and printing is lovely. I am SO excited to get the proof reviewed, approved, and have the full set printed! They’ll be available for the FIRST time at Denver Comic Con in June 2012!! WHOO! So excited!! I hope y’all are too!! 🙂


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Agh, poor Warren. I love his slightly unfocused look in that last panel there.

Also I want one of those books so gorramn bad. Too bad I move between Michigan and Iowa.

Oh no, poor Warren! On the bright side, he’ll have another awesome scar to show off to the ladies ^_^

OHMYGOODNESS I’m so excited for the book!! Hopefully I’ll have money at that point…who knows~

(What I really like about that cover is that Mizha gets the “action” pose. Also, it’s epic.)

Jeeze, Warren, close your eyes!

Warren is nothing if not stubborn. And convinced that he is Always Right. ALLLLLWAAYYYYYSSSS.

For the cover, I definitely wanted to give Mizha something to do other than “Alas! I am zee damsel in distress!” Since, ultimately, she uses her Illusionist abilities to get them out of trouble (and into more trouble of a different kind) I thought it be good to feature that magic on the front. I’m glad you approve! 🙂

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