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C04P06 – Voices

C04P06 – Voices published on 12 Comments on C04P06 – Voices

Mizha is hearing a song that we’ll be revisiting, along with its translation, later, so I won’t dive into it here. What I will tell you is that it is creepy. I plan on recording it for y’all later.

SPEAKING of recording, Rambling with Robin returns with a podcast on the topic of Commerce vs Creativity. Prompted by the great discussion happening at Twitter under the #lfwc (Long Form Web-Comics) hashtag.

What do you think? What place does Commerce have in Creativity? How can they be merged well, and when do things go wrong?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Eh it can’t be a good thing that she’s running away! Seriously. I really like how Zhiro yanks his head away in that third panel. It just seems like him to refuse to acknowledge his own pains.

So I saw the characters and thought “hmm, would translation be fun?”
Well…it’t not fun. Archaeologist I am not.
The first stack under “Wamak” in the very last panel…I’ve translated as “Zhemeze Ni Ume Ya To”
Which, of course I have NO idea what it means or even if its correct.

ok. i had fun regardless. 😀

You added an extra syllable on the first word, but other than that, you got that entire thing correct. Perhaps Archaeologist you ARE, hmmmm?

– “to” indicates a Possessive, as in the prev word is owned by the person identified by the segment “to” is attached to. “ya” paired with “to” is the word for “Mine”
– Niume is the word for “child”
– Zheze is the word for “sleep”
– Normally the verb (in this case, Zheze) would be at the end of a sentence and paired with a tense verb. (“The child sleeps”) However, since the verb is first in the sentence, it becomes a command, not a statement.


I’ve pretty much just archive-read all of leylines today, and it was real fun, i’ll be following from now on! Also, i just have to say, i’ve noticed a steady improvement in the art for the comic, and i think you’ve done quite well in getting better. Who knows how awesome it’ll look at the end?

Just so you know, it is Friday night my time, and I have spent the entire afternoon barreling through Shades of Grey. Thank you.

Also, the style that you draw kiddy!Mizha in is adorable. And I’m going to take the time to work through your language once I have a base on mine.

Getting through SoG in an afternoon is no small feat! I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for taking a look at my older work. It’s rough around the edges, but was a very important story for me.

I should post a lexicon at some point of the language, shouldn’t I? Give the diligent language folks a chance to really dive in and translate things if they feel like it!

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