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C04P05 – A stolen moment

C04P05 – A stolen moment published on 10 Comments on C04P05 – A stolen moment

I always found Columbus’ desire in Zombieland to brush hair out of a girl’s face to be remarkably endearing. It’s one of my preferred signs of affection to receive. That, and head-scratches. I also like pawing, head-butting, and meowing at people as ways of expressing my affection towards others. Not-so-secretly, I am actually a cat. Heaven help you if you get in between me and a sunshine spot.

How do you express affection?

I’m participating in the Spider Forest Collective’s “Link of the Week” – This week is The Only Half Saga. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Cabal, a reformed dhampir, seeks revenge against his father, the vampire that stole his mother’s heart and mind. WARNING: This comic is marked mature and is quite dark, with content that I would NOT recommend for anyone under the age of 13. Please act accordingly!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Baby!Mizha! So cute! (Oh, please, Zhiro. It’s not like Tama doesn’t know.)

I’m kind of a massive cuddler. I like leaning on people and playing with their hair. And if I’m sitting on a couch with someone I know well, I tend to be, like, “Why aren’t we snuggling in some fashion?”

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