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C04P04 – Never anything more

C04P04 – Never anything more published on 16 Comments on C04P04 – Never anything more

One of the things I enjoy about writing for Zhiro is that, no matter how solid and impassive a face he presents, he’s very emotionally complex under the facade.  The only time he says what he’s truly thinking is when he’s talking to himself.

Or when Tama badgers it out of him.

Oh – and Liz…this was what I was thinking of when I gave you that spoiler on the TGT interview.  Did I get ya?  😉

What about you? Are you the type that keeps things to yourself, or do you wear your heart on your sleeve?


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Hmmm, an odd question, and in tradition of humanity I live with the duality of expressed and hidden. I am honest with my emotions, but getting me to say why I feel that way is… frustrating. Some times I’ll be very free, because I feel the reason is acceptable, other times I’ll be silent, or only mention a smaller reason instead. While true, I do not always answer the why question honestly.
The few times I don’t display my emotions honestly is when I feel I’m just being self-centered/needlessly/self-inflicted stressed because I see those all as completely my own fault. Mentioning those feelings to others would just cause them undue distress.

P.S. I responded to an earlier comic about SoG. Would you like a download link?

Ahh, poor Zhiro. So turbulent inside, it seems. I prescribe more hugs and more bro-time with Tama.

I’m quite the introvert, so keeping things inside is what I do best. At times it’s really beneficial (like when I’m in the presence of unsavory family members or people who reallyreallyreally bug me), but if I let everything bottle up too much, it eventually overflows and I end up miserable for a while. Really not very healthy. But, with the help and patience of my sweet fiance and my dear friends, I’m becoming more comfortable with being honest with my emotions 🙂 Hooray!

Oh my word this entire page is breathtaking. I really love the dramatic lighting on this it’s BEAUTIFUL!

And I often wear my heart on my sleeve! Haha oops. Or rather, I tell a small number of people endlessly what is up with me–I don’t feel right if I don’t have anyone to vent or talk to 😛

It depends on my mood. If i’m happy or grumpy, people tend to know..and i can often turn my own grumpiness into jokes.
But when i’m upset or depressed I tend to keep that to myself. I have this thing about burdening other people with my problems. I tend to do it as little as possible.

Why must you rip my heart out?

No, seriously, this page is AWESOME. I love it!

As for me, I usually keep my feelings to myself. At least my deep down feelings. Some stuff is easier for me to share.

DAMN YOU, ROBIN! *shakes fist at sky*

…oh, wait, actually, I’m not surprised. Never mind. Yay angst!

I tend to think of myself as introverted because I like being alone and am very conflict-averse. But when I’m comfortable in my space, I’m super-loud and don’t really care what other people think of me.

I’m honest and open about what I feel, but I don’t tend to have a lot of ‘deep’ feelings. Mild depths of amusement, interest, fustration, annoyance, contentment, those range of emotions I have. Rage, passion, depression, anything that one describes as ‘powerful’… Not so much.

I’m broken :p

Broken? Hardly. Human? Most definitely.

I had a similar connection to emotion as the one you describe for the majority of my life. Only in recent years have I been able to access stronger emotions, after a considerable amount of work. Everybody feels things differently, and to a different degree. If there was actually a “normal” way, we’d have a lot more fully-enlightened, perfect beings wandering around. I will gladly hang out with you in the “broken” club. 🙂

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