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C03P40 – Unwanted groom

C03P40 – Unwanted groom published on 21 Comments on C03P40 – Unwanted groom

For those of you that are wondering what the wedding stuff is about this isn’t the first time Mizha’s had issues with this particular suitor. And so ends chapter three! Chapter four starts, most appropriately, on the one-year anniversary of LeyLines, March 2nd! AND there’ll be an announcement of a change for year two, which I am very excited about!

I’ve succumbed to the lure of Tumblr and got myself an account. Not because I want to be able to post tid-bits of pages that will be posted months from now (my buffer is at 30 pages right now – Chapter four is going to rock so much!!) but because I had a FAR more IMPORTANT task…

…I’m making a Rarity costume for cosplay at Denver Comic Con in June. And I simply HAD to document my progress!

That’s right. I’m a Bronie. JUDGE ME IF YOU LIKE! To my fellow fillies and gentlecolts: *Bro-hoof*

Anybody else cos-players? What was your best costume?


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I suppose it might be too much to hope that by “Mizha va Naza and I shall be wed” he means “I shall be wed to Mizha va Naza in a purely symbolic manner through her marriage to my faithful avatar Zhiro”?

Oh well, you can’t blame me for hoping!

Oh that isn’t good at all…and being that I just read the entire archive last month I know exactly what you (er he) are talking about!

I am a cosplayer, though I’ve only ever dressed up as my own character. I’m working on a bunch of costumes, but it’s hard with no budget, no sewing machine, and no cons to wear them at.

As for the page AGH AGH AGH I love you so much. That’s such a horrible twist and I SHOULD have seen it coming but I DIDN’T so congrats to you, fair lady.

“By Broken Moon” – is this a specific time of the year, corresponding to a meterologic occasion? Or is it an abstract concept, something that is sworn upon? i.e. is he saying something equivalent to “By May we shall be wed,” or “By God’s will we shall be wed” ?

Is there historical or mythological precedent in the world of Ley Lines for a mortal to be wed to a god?

Nope on (almost) all accounts. But I like the creative range of your theories. I’m being vague because the phrase has plot significance. Dun-dun-DUUUN!

The only question I can answer is your last one. There is legends that the Clever King of Kizhimo married his daughter to the god Vision. Their son was the original High Sage of the va Naza line.

I’m with AriadneArca on this one. Although, knowing you, that means that someone will get disemboweled at the wedding and Mizha will throw herself off the tower in despair. (Also, Tama will get drunk and do funny dances, just so we’re fooled into believing things will be happy.)

Such confidence in my wickedness, SkysongMA! I’m honored — uh — I mean, hurt! Wounded by these unfounded accusations! *swoon* 🙂

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