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C03P38 – Rakaros

C03P38 – Rakaros published on 14 Comments on C03P38 – Rakaros

These creatures are known as Rakaros. They’re native to much of the West and Northwest portions of Itsuri, predominantly in the Momuru province. If you’ll look at the structure of their heads, you might notice some commonalities to something you’ve seen before. And they’re something that Mizha finds very, very scary.

Me, I just think spiders are freaky. And, on occasion, squirrels. Never make a squirrel mad. They hide their devious natures behind a facade of animal cuteness. Oh, but they know the powers of team-work. They know, and if you’re a small child that gets your kicks in your aunt’s yard by chasing them up trees, you may discover that fact the hard way when everything turns eerily quiet and you look up in the trees and see them, all of them, staring at you in silent rage, right before they start bombarding you with acorns, sticks, and anything else they can grab.

NOT that I have personal experience in such matters. Oh no.

Just keep those fuzzy-tailed freaks away from me.


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aaaaaaah KNEW the mirror would be magical.
At the very least, i really really hoped it.

Haha! It would have been quite the disappointment to discover that she wanted to check her make-up one last time before she died, wouldn’t it?

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