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C03P37 – Promise

C03P37 – Promise published on 12 Comments on C03P37 – Promise

I meant to point this out earlier but it slipped my mind – there’s a new About section for the Moko Press team! This year I really wanted to get to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule, but I knew I just could not make that happen on my own. So Rianale and Phantom signed on to help with color blocking, and these past few pages have been the first that they worked on. With their help, we’ve sped up page production and are on-course for a new schedule on LeyLines’ birthday in March!!

As for this page, I always love working on expression-heavy scenes. This one was particularly fun, what with Zhiro’s banged up face. What do you think is going through his mind?


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Zhiro seems to have an infinite amount of trust in Mizha…but i’m sure he’s also thinking that if anything should happen to her, he’ll never forgive himself.

Holy crap, the coloring on this page is amazing.

And I’m still wishing Zhiro killed Vekken. Then Tama would be crafting an awesome escape plan that involved the train car curtains, Mizha’s hair tie, and Zhiro’s adorableness. Not getting his butt kicked. D:

(Although I’m super-excited to see what Mizha has in mind here.)

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