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C03P33 – What’s wrong little guy?

C03P33 – What’s wrong little guy? published on 15 Comments on C03P33 – What’s wrong little guy?

There were a total of six AWESOME entries to the LeyLines Love Contest, which you can view here. You might be asking, where do I put my vote? The answer: There is no vote, because I decided they all are getting prizes.

BUT if you are itching to fill something out, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FEEDBACK FORM!

What happened: It meant a lot to me that anybody participated in this contest at all. I knew it would be a long shot, since the comic following is still so small — only about 100 people regularly read it. To me, everybody deserved a prize. My wallet and bank account said otherwise. I was talking it over with Khan, love of my life and LL’s editor.

Khan: “Well, that’s easy. I’ll help you pay for the extra prizes.”
Me: “Sweetheart, you don’t have to do that.”
Khan: “That’s what love is ABOUT. Supporting each other’s dreams.”

So for V-day, Khan and I will be staying in and shipping presents to the amazing people that contributed entries.

Thank you to each one of you, for your amazing entries. More than that, for supporting my dream and sharing the love. *HUGS!* Look for an email from me soon.


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Fantastic job on the angles on this page! I think this is one of your best-drawn posts yet. YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS ZHIRO, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

And, wow, what a surprising but fitting twist to the contest! I don’t think I can say it any better than Khan already did. I’m happy to support LeyLines and respond as a reader in any way I can. Stories are, after all, about sharing an experience 🙂

I’m glad things are able to work out for the contest. 🙂 I wanted to enter, but time was my enemy in this as in most things.

Excellent job as usual, and I’ve slowly been getting my friends hooked. My roommate’s already just as obsessed as I am.

Oh my, your body going “crack” is usually not a good thing. Better be careful about that…

Heh. There’s proper fans, and then there’s us uninspired stealth-readers who hang around in quiet-mode most of the time. Oh well, perhaps another time just because. That’s a perfectly fine reason for doing something after all.

Anybody reading LeyLines is a “proper” fan in my book, whether they comment or not. Some people have neither the time nor inclination for comments and contests, and I don’t mind that. I’m just glad they’re here. As for the people that did contribute, they made this event very special for me. I want to make it just as special for them!

My face went crack once…luckily nothing was broken but my jaw was disjointed for about 3 months.

Great news robin! I’ll reply to the email soon…but I have to ask, since this was a contest and you would have had to vote as some point, what would have been your top pics? 😀

Frankly, everybody had such a different entry that I would have been glad to differ to a community vote. Your entry had such a poignant feeling to it. SkysongMA got the characters perfect even though the entire setting of the universe was different. Noel’s Pakku definitely made me laugh the most. CC’s had a lovely, dream-like quality to it. And Phantom’s made me want to get in on the joke that Tama and Zhiro were laughing at. I would have gladly abstained from deciding, because each one was precious and interesting and fun in its own right.

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