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C03P32 – As you wish

C03P32 – As you wish published on 20 Comments on C03P32 – As you wish

Because I just could NOT resist the chance to make a Princess Bride reference. Best. Romantic. Story. EVER. It has SWORD FIGHTS and GIANTS and ROUSs! All romance stories should have those things! I DARE you to name a better romance movie. I DARE YOU!!!

SPEAKING of ROMANCE, today, Wednesday, the 1st of February is the LAST DAY for…

This Year’s Theme: Friendship
Categories: (1) Fanart, (2) Fanfiction (Can submit multiple entries to either)
Prizes: Winner in each category will receive ONE of the following (their choice):
1) 12 pc Godiva Dessert Truffles Gift Box
2) TeaForte Tea Ribbon Box
3) Gevalia Gormet Coffee Basket
All entries are posted on the LeyLines-Fan DeviantArt Gallery. A survey will be up on Friday to collect votes. Winners will be announced February 8th!

SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO Robinrone{at}gmail.com


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I have been meaning to catch this comic for Months! I’m so glad it came to my attention again recently! I really love where this comic is going. You’re style of art reminds me SO MUCH of Kez’s on War of Winds…Lovely work, really!

Haha, really Darwin? I don’t think our styles look alike at all! And I think Robin started Shades of Grey before I started tWoW, so I guess if anything, my style would remind you of hers!

Also, Robin, about Filipinos and knife obessions…what is with that? Granted all the Filipinos I know either do Pekiti Tirsia or Kali…so it makes sense there 😛 They make me think the whole country is like that.

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