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C03P31 – Eep!

C03P31 – Eep! published on 10 Comments on C03P31 – Eep!

REMINDER – Last week to for LeyLines Love Contest! Entries due Wednesday, February 1st!

Check out the most recent submission, by CC Rogers of the fantasy webcomic “Rune”!

As for today’s comic….Zhiro’s not really one to mince words, but it’s probably safe to say he’s a bit upset at ol’ Lu. Just a guess. That, or he’s quite irritated with that door.

When I was a kid I would sometimes get so angry that I would be completely ruled by my temper. Fortunately, it was pretty rare and only under extreme circumstances, but it was always a scary experience to have. Learning how to deal with anger in an appropriate way has been (and continues to be) a challenging journey.

Have you ever been ruled by your temper? What did you do to change that?


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Whenever things that I took for granted didn’t go as well as I expected them to, I used to become dreadfully disappointed when it came to people and events, or incredibly angry and frustrated when it came to my own failures. My solution has become to not take things for granted, particularly when it comes to people. Works very well in traffic, I think. 🙂

But I retain my high expectations of my computer and other machines, and allow myself to curse like a madman whenever things that I take for granted don’t work like they’re supposed to. Sometimes those curses are about the poor people who program things that I use. Their heads on my stakes!

But I don’t take free stuff for granted, so webcomickers and podcasters are all spared from my terrible wrath. I don’t even curse the programmers of flashgames that I ragequit. Well. Not much anyway. 😉

Still, I have managed to cease my destruction of property. After a drywall, a couch and a keyboard, I figured that it just didn’t pay to take my anger out on things that can easily break. Better to just punch a pillow if it has to come to that.

I had a similar issue with being overly frustrated with people/events failing to meet my expectations. I actually wrote out a “Personal Constitution” that had: “Do not be ashamed of having great expectations, but do not judge others or yourself for failing to meet them.”

I like the perspective of not taking them for granted. I’d never thought of it that way! I’m going to have to think further on that, because it’s a very interesting way to look at expectations and what they really mean.

Good thing Vekken has good reflexes, or that’d be one awkward apology.

Also, Zhiro? Curb-stomp him!

I’m very non-confrontational, but I was picked on a lot as a kid, so I tend to fly off the handle at people if they tease me. I’ve gotten better, but I still say things that strike me as a lot meaner than I intended in hindsight. Especially when talking to boys. (Also, I’ve realized I tend to smile a lot when I’m really angry, which is just… weird.)

Haha! No kidding! Zhiro: “Whoops…uh…sorry about that. Was trying to stop the assassin and you were kinda…there…Uuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR BOTHERING MIZHA >:X )”

Note to self – if Skysong is smiling, take cover!! (Although I think that’s a better alternative — I’ve been compared multiple times to a creature possessed by the devil when I get truly furious!)

That’s how this was supposed to end originally, wasn’t it? No more epic fight scene. Zhiro accidentally kills Vekken, he and Mizha stand there in shock, and then Tama comes running up. And he’d be all, “…Don’t ask me how I know this, but I know how to get rid of a body.” And Zhiro and Mizha would be Not Surprised.

My temper’s been a killer lately… Then I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with PMDD, so that’s why I keep flying off the handle lately.

I think that door insulted Zhiro’s mom.

This page made me giggle for some reason. Just the juxtaposition of a hesitant “my lady” with DOORSMASH I guess haha.

I rarely felt angry for the first 19 years of my life, to the point that friends made joking (but ultimately hurtful) comments about how I never ever ever got mad. Then my depression took a turn from the sad side to the supremely angry, and handling that for the first time ever was really frightening. But also satisfying, in a weird way. These days I seem to be at some kind of middle ground!

I had a really similar experience last year. It was like having the “angry stage” of being a teenager, but as an adult. Almost like I needed to learn what anger was like in a more conscious way so I could learn to recognize and direct it, rather than bottle and explode. I’m still courting the elusive middle ground, tho!

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