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C03P29 – Quite the pet

C03P29 – Quite the pet published on 16 Comments on C03P29 – Quite the pet

Many of the most formidable people I’ve ever met were less than five feet tall. Whether energetic, frightening, or just plain skilled, their height never factored into what they could accomplish. Or how scary they could be when they got mad. Zhiro’s lived among people that towered over him his whole life. If Lu thinks Zhiro’s going to be intimidated by a few extra inches, he’s about to learn a very unpleasant lesson.

In other news, I remembered what I wanted to talk about! Or, rather, the ever observant Shayne of Comic Dish noticed the new header (“MOKO Press presents…”) and asked me about it. For those of you who were wondering about it too — MOKO Press is my independent publishing company! The paperwork to register it was completed as of five days ago, and Cory & I are now small business owners! It’s very exciting…and pretty scary too, but it’s taking us one step closer to fulfilling our dream of making a living off our creative works. Thank you to ALL of you that read LeyLines, share it with your friends, and support this story. Hopefully it will only be the first of many great things to come!

In other words: HUGS FOR ALL!

PS – And for those that are curious about the name, “Moko” is the Pamaru word for “Stone.” I got the idea for it when I created Pakku’s family motto.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

PET??? Oh hell no. Zhiro, teach that man a lesson right now. Seriously.

Again, congrats on establishing your indie publishing company! That’s super exciting and I can’t wait to see what you bring us next 🙂 along with LeyLines of course.

Oh geez. Doesn’t this guy know that short people (ESPECIALLY redheads!) are always formidable fighters? Seriously, the scariest people I know are all short, and I am convinced they all have multiple cans of whoop@$$ up their sleeves just waiting to be opened. Just like Zhiro.

Congrats on your publishing company, that’s fantastic! 😀 I hope you take some time to celebrate! Also, I cannot wait to purchase the first volume of LeyLines, whenever it becomes available :3 Woo-hoo!

I know! A person’s size has nothing to do with how terrifying they can be when roused to anger!

And thank you! We’re really excited for MOKO Press…but I think I will “celebrate” by working on more pages. 🙂 And I am so excited and honored that you’re excited for volume one!! That is awesome, and you are awesome, and my day is now officially more awesome having spoken to you.


*high-fives Zhiro!* I’m 5’4… which drove the other guys (and taller girls) on my college kendo team crazy – they always complained that I was too small a target. Goes both ways, though, since the main target point in kendo is the head, and it’s hard to score headshots in perfect form on people nearly a foot taller than you…
It was nice living in Japan, though – I could walk through a subway station and see over people’s heads, and practice kendo with my jr. high students, who were way closer to my height (as was the kendo instructor XD)

Nice camera angle and perspective in the first panel – it conveys the tension well. I like how Mizha’s kind of this island of soft pastels in the midst of all the other harsher colors.

I’d noticed that MOKO press header – that is AWESOME. Congratulations! All the best luck on the next step toward that dream, and each step after that!

One of the best basket-ball players I ever met was about 5′ 2″. Kid had the most amazing vertical jump, he practically flew. So fast, hard to guard, great control of the ball. Kinda tiny, but that never stopped him.

I didn’t know you lived in Japan! Awesome! How long were you there?

I was there for about a year and a half after college, teaching English – Japanese language was my major in school. It was pretty cool… I was in Gifu prefecture, up in the mountains.

Short people are that much closer to important parts of the anatomy. I bet if Zhiro struck straight out with his hand it would impact the ribs over the guy’s heart. Potential cardiac arrest.

Good point! Not to mention a far superior center of mass which makes him much more stable, particularly compared to a thinner, taller opponent. He also has more maneuvering room in an enclosed space by virtue of his size.

So, naturally, Lu’s going to do everything he can to make Zhiro forget all the advantages he has. >:)

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