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C03P034 – Makes this easier

C03P034 – Makes this easier published on 28 Comments on C03P034 – Makes this easier

Over the weekend I was accepted into the Spider Forest Wecomic Collective! The only change to the site is the addition of the banner at the top (I’ll adjust the code soon so it doesn’t push everything down when it loads) AND I have the opportunity to make a lot of new friends. I’m very excited to be a part of this community. It’s very easy to feel isolated on the internet, and I’ve had trouble in the past connecting with people who have similar interests. SF members have all been remarkably welcoming, friendly, AND willing to get into the nitty-gritty on webcomic challenges.

In other news…how about them stabbings? Haha…craziness…ACK! NO ZHIRO FANS! DON’T KILL ME! *flees*


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Oh God Zhiro! Aaaah, don’t die, buddy!

Don’t worry, that only adds to my love for you. The textures are gorgeous and the feeling of the page as a whole is awesome. I’m jealous of your combat scenes, as usual. 😛

It wouldn’t be the first time I killed off a character…

Glad you like it! I had fun playing with the textures on this one.

I’m glad you kill characters, honestly. You’re braver than a lot of people out there and that only makes me like you all the more.

I’m planning to kill people in my stories, whenever I get them off the ground.

Yikes! Okay that was unexpected…well I know he’s your character and your story, but I can only hope that Zhiro’s time on the planet isn’t THIS short! I’ve grown to like him A LOT since I started reading!

Cool page and cool acceptance into SF.
Now you can hang with Dutch, who, well, still hangs around Comic Dish….hmm, maybe we’re a stepping stone community. 😀

Hmmm. Is the dastardly villain holding the blade of the knife as he stabs Zhiro? I would’ve thought he’d hold Vekken’s hand/wrist for such an attack, but Vekken’s hand seems to be behind Lu Pai’s, still holding on to the knife’s handle I assume.

Or perhaps he just lost the grip on the knife and is desperately trying to regain it? Or do both hands belong to Lu Pai, who would then be stabbing with a two handed grip on the knife? You know, to punch through the sternum if need be. Can’t be too thorough when killing people! 😉

The profile makes it a little hard to see, but Vekken still has a hand on the knife. Lu’s left hand maintains its grip over Vekken’s hand on the handle, directing the blade. Lu’s right arm has followed through on its motion and has gripped Vekken’s wrist for additional control. Vekken’s still too stunned by the blow to the head to really have much stake in the motion at the moment.

Right now, I am in that awesome moment when I know the story of Ley Lines well enough to realize that you cut the dialogue on this page and the one before it on my second read-through. 🙂

The original is actually what’s in the book. I added the text for the web version because I thought it was better for the pacing of the M-W-F format. Which do you prefer?

Hmmm. That’s tough. On one hand, I definitely like it without dialogue just for realism’s sake. On the other, there’s really something to be achieved with a well-placed bit of taunting dialogue, and Lu Pai definitely has the chance and the history to use that.

I like them both!

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