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C02P36 – White Knights

C02P36 – White Knights published on 31 Comments on C02P36 – White Knights

Sometimes, you need a Knight in Shining armor. And sometimes, you get your annoying older brother instead.

I was watching the Nostalgia Chick’s Top 10 “Hottest” Animated Guys video and started wondering — who would make the top of MY list? When I was in that young and impressionable age where crushing was common, what fictional characters did I obsess over? Well, here’s my top five list. Judge me if you want to. I regret nothing. Well, maybe #5. A little. SHUT UP I WAS A TEEN!

5. Riku from Kingdom Hearts

I loved this game. And one of the things I loved about it was Riku. Yes, I fell prey to the bad-boy image just like every other teen-age girl that ever lived. I thought it was overdone in two (a LOT of things were over-done in two…) but in one, everything was at just the right level of subtext for my over-active imagination. Mmmmm Paopu fruits…




4. Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing

Because nothin’ says “sexy” like “sociopath”. I was still in the “bad-boys are hot” phase, but starting to move out of it. I always liked the drive Heero had, but found his robotic personality a little wearing. Not to mention his preachy, pacifistic girlfriend. If only Duo and Heero’s personalities could have been combined…well, then they would have been more like the people farther up in this list.



3. Zelgadis Graywords from Slayers

I love that Zel can be both a badass AND the butt of a joke. Sometimes simultaneously. He brooded, but with a decent reason, and frankly his more somber approach was occasionally a welcome reprieve from the zany hijinks of his companions. That said, for a serious guy, he got roped into playing a LOT of silly roles. He was sarcastic, smart, willing to get his hands dirty, and had just enough darkness in him to make him interesting. Like most of the character on this list, he was driven, and through his journey with Lina’s crew learned how to make some compromises for the sake of a good friend. Also, how to be a bunny, a ship anchor, and a disturbingly attractive woman.

2. Zidane Tribal from FF9

A Laid-back thief and shameless womanizer, Zidane was apologetically carefree, but when the chips were down you knew you could count on him. I liked that Zidane was NOT a brooding, over-dramatic, darkness-ate-my-soul kind of character, despite being an amnesiac orphan. He loved adventure, and encouraged Princess Garnet in her adventuring too. In fact, he encouraged pretty much EVERYBODY he encountered. He validated and appreciated people, was loyal to a fault, and improved the lives of nearly everyone he met. Even some of the bad-guys. Zidane was the kind of guy I would have liked to have around, but even this monkey man can’t hold a candle to the guy in the top spot.

So, without further ado, at the #1 spot…

1. Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke.

Focused and determined, yet kind and polite. With every reason to brood about his past, he instead pursues a goal greater than himself with unflinching dedication. As for the romance side of things, his love doesn’t diminish Sen. He doesn’t ask her to be something she’s not, but brings out feelings that she’s hidden away. They become greater people having known one another. And that is why, hands down, Ashitaka is #1 in my book.

So who’s in your top five list of most attractive animated guys or gals?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Fffff, I’m trying to resolve judgement until I can see the outcome of this – but at the moment, Mizha has just lost herself a lot of respect. Running out on her unarmed brother…! I hope she’s doing something really important with that mirror. :I

I’ll admit, Mizha is scared out of her mind and probably not thinking clearly at all, beyond “GOD AND GODDESS SAVE ME FROM SCARY MAN!” but she probably could have done more than run. She does have a plan, at least. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s a good one or not. 🙂

Yikes. That won’t go well for Tama, will it? Not with all that ether in his system.

Thank you for being brutal.

AHAH oh gosh I’m sorry I somehow never would have taken Kingdom Hearts to have been your thing even in younger days. Heheh. (amazingly I was never into Riku)

Oh man–I was never into Heero but I sure was all about Duo. I’ve got to say though if they could have been combined as one guy with mostly Duo I’d have been hooked.
And oh MAN ZELGADIS! I still like that guy and he’s got to be my favorite character from that series (Xellos at a close second)–and the anime nerd inside me is so glad you know what Slayers is.
And Ashitaka is a great one as well. Didn’t really play FF9 long enough to have gotten to know Zidane well enough.

Also sorry this totally isn’t about the page at all. ME AND PHANTOM HAD A COLLECTIVE PARTY/FREAK OUT OVER IT THOUGH! WHOOOOO!!!

Wow I don’t think I could narrow down any of my favorite hottie girls/gals to only 5 characters. But to name some I know you’re familiar with that I find ridiculously attractive for animated characters:
-Avatar Season 3 Zuko. Dat hair, man.
-FMA: Riza, Envy, and new!Greed
-Gundam Wing, the previously mentioned Duo Maxwell (I can attest I once also had a crush on Zechs but that isn’t valid any more HA)

Duo fans unite! I always thought Duo was an awesome character, and I liked the dynamics between him and Heero when they were around each other. Heero is just so…Bleep Bloop I am a Robot! Duo always provided a more human perspective on things.

Slayers was my intro to Anime outside of the highly-edited shows that made it to TV (Ronin Warriors come to mind…), so it will always have a special place in my heart. Utena was the other show and it…well, it is special no matter where it is. Very, very special.

I am totally with you on Zuko. I limited this list to my teen years, so he didn’t get a spot. Or Howl. Or Megamind. (Shut up, I love him for his MIIIIIIND!!!)


Quite possibly the only movie I could ever like Will Ferrell in was Megamind. And hey, that human who’s appearance he stole? Smokin’, when combined with Megamind’s personality. So adorable.

…. Am I the only one who thought Shan Yu was kinda sexy? I mean, when he says “…. The soldier from the mountains.” -shiver- and of course any character voiced by Clancy Brown.

… And if we’re talking JUST voices, Ko the Face Stealer. Yeah I SAID IT.

(And yeah I know I’m like three years behind on this thread.)

No worries! I’m always giddy with excitement at every comment, no matter the time it is received.

And I must agree with you on all points! There’s definitely something special in a voice.

Well then, let me say that I’ve been archive-trawling, and I’m blown away by the level of detail you’ve put into developing the world of Ley Lines! It’s FANTASTIC. Every time I thought of a question, I’d just read a little further to find that you’d answered it in the comments on another page! I’m looking forward to getting through the rest of the archive. ^^ Although reaching the end of it will undoubtedly be a painful moment ;____;

Ah, yes, voices…. While I’m the most familiar with the animated Justice League anyway, my favorite Lex Luthor is regardless the one voiced by Clancy Brown. <3 Oh, bad boys. How we love you despite ourselves.

I always support people reacting to stabbyness by trying flee. Because really, that would probably be my reaction too. Also, that’s a good deal of blood there. I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to clean that up.

I don’t really have a list of sexiness as far as I know, I’ve always been more of a looks cool/is interesting person. Mostly looks cool. I’m terribly visual it seems. (That, and lists are hard. Haaard.)

Lists are hard. I had to make a lot of limits on time-frame just to make mine. Otherwise the criteria are too broad.

It seems you and I are in the minority when it comes to Team “Running from scary guys with knives is a good idea.” I’m sure Tama will be fine…he doesn’t need that ear. And who REALLY uses all ten fingers?


*coughs* Haku is probably my favorite Ghibli boy, but Princess Mononoke is probably my favorite movie. Sen is SO AWESOME.

(Note, please, that I am focusing on your hot guys to keep from going “DAAAAH ZHIRO!” But I have to thank you for not ignoring how grave a shoulder wound can be.)

Also, Roxas is totally better than Riku. He’s broody and badassical, but he’s got a much better sense of humor.

XD Oh my goodness, Xelgadis! Now THERE’S a name and a face I haven’t thought of in YEARS. I sometimes suspect that everyone in the world somehow forgot Slayers existed… myself included, apparently. Way to go reminding us all, that show was fantastic!

As for Riku… don’t worry, there’s no judgement from me. I’ve followed the series straight through ’til now… and while I’ll admit that back in the day I used to really hate Riku getting older, as well as probably some of the later additions to the series has warmed me up toward him to the point that I could even say he’s become somewhat of a darkhorse favorite of mine. As for myself, I melted into a puddle after playing through Birth By Sleep as Terra the first time, so you don’t need to justify yourself to me. I STILL have a girly crush on a KH character, and it’s pretty brand new considering.

Also, Zidane… <3 That's all.

Making this list actually made me want to go through my old Slayers DVDs…and then I learned that a fourth season is out! So I’m getting to watch Revolution now. Still…nothing can ever top Slayers Next for me. That was the perfect mix, especially in the later half.

I am really enjoying this comic! And I really enjoy your comments about your process and world-building.

As for animated characters, I’m nearly old enough for senior discounts, so the only character you listed I recognize is the one from Kingdom Hearts because my son used to play that game. When I was 6 years old, I had a serious crush on Mighty Mouse. (Loved those semi-operatic episodes) I had fantasies about him it would embarrass me to relate. A few years later, I was in love with Colonel Steve Zodiac from Fireball XL-5. This was a marionette show rather than animation, from the same people who made Thunderbirds. No animation crushes in my teen years, but lately Sebastian Michaelis, the title character from Black Butler leaves me quite weak in the knees!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the comic and my process talks! I always get self-conscious that people will get bored with my endless details, but it seems I’m not the only person that loves to know the under-lying story elements!! Whoo hoo, I’m not alone!! XD

I find it amazing how fascinating characters of fiction can be, and how people are all across the board with the characters they fall in love with! You’ve got me intrigued with this Sebastian Michaelis character. I may have to look into this Black Butler show you speak of! What’s it about?

A tormented boy in Victorian England makes a deal with a demon. The demon will protect him from harm and help him get revenge on those who tortured him and killed his parents. Then the demon gets to devour his soul. The demon becomes the unfailingly polite, proper English butler, Sebastian. The setting is accurate, though some of the outfits are more fanciful than historical. I found the relationship between the boy, Ciel, and Sebastian fascinating, and the story compelling. J. Michael Tatum’s dub of Sebastian is quite irresistible. You can watch it on http://www.funimation.com.

I’ve been trying not to comment because I’m still way back here in, um, February? but I had to respond.



Also, um, Slayers fan. Zomg. Also someone who liked KH1 Riku! I get so much flack for liking him in 1 just as much as in 2…


Annnd about the comic… oh Tama. I love you, Tama. <3

Guess we have similar tastes. 🙂 I recently learned that they made a new Slayers season. It was okay, but the best part about it was the character development on Zel. Aaahhh Zelgadis makes everything better. (Says the fangirl)

I actually prefer Riku in KH1 to KH2, but that may just be that I enjoyed playing KH1 far more than KH2, which may have colored my perceptions a bit!

here I am commenting like two years later? But I liked 2 just as much as 1. Actually better, though I do have some quibbles with some things they did (way, way too many event battles. Like every other scene event battle. They cut that out with the rest of the series and I was much happier for it)

I haven’t seen any of the more recent Slayers stuff, but if you can get your hands on the elusive light novels you would not be disappointed 😀

I fully agree with Ashitaka. Though I went through a period when I had to say Edward Elric had him beat hands down. And now my favorite anime/game males all seem so…young XD So now I need to find new favorites.

Great comic btw, discovered it a couple hours ago (I think, not really keeping track of time) and am loving it so far. Onwards to devour the rest and get caught up….

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