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C02P15 – Know your place

C02P15 – Know your place published on 6 Comments on C02P15 – Know your place

Zhiro you are a cold little monk. Cold. Especially considering you worship a volcano god. In other news — behold the bounce light!

And to those of you who are wondering if this page is related, the answer is “Yes”. No, I’m not going to tell you how. What would be the fun in that?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Whoa! Quite unexpected. Dang.

Apart from that, I’m really loving how your artistic and coloring skills are just getting stronger every day. You create such delightful pages, Robin.

Credit where credit is due, a lot of that is due to the folks at the Comic Dish Podcast who were kind enough to review LL. They pointed out how my shading was really muddy. I couldn’t see at first what they meant, but once I did some research in it and tried out some new techniques, I really started to see the difference! I really appreciated their feedback. They were firm and honest, but not hurtful. Hmm, in fact, I ought to send them a thank you note right now while I’m thinking about it!

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