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C013P32 – Ate the Sun

C013P32 – Ate the Sun published on 14 Comments on C013P32 – Ate the Sun

And lo, the snake god said: OMNOMNOMNOM

It’s a new month! As always, the first vlog of the month is open to everyone. In this week’s vlog, book four has arrived and Kickstarter fulfillment has begun. I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at the journey each book takes before I send it out to you, the backers.

If you would like to see each weekly vlog, please become a patron for just $1/month! It’s especially important at the moment, because last month one of my most generous donors had to cut their contribution due to some financial changes. I understand and wish them well, but it does mean that we’re now $28 short of the amount a month I need to pay Sorrel for all her hard work as color flatter. I have some extra saved up from previous months, so it’s not an emergency just yet, but if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to join our community of patrons, now is a great time!

Things I’ve shared on Patreon in the past three months:

  • 12 Personal Vlogs, one posted every Monday
  • 24 early access pages
  • Creator Corner Post: Video of the 3D models I build for setting reference
  • Creator Corner Post: Writing Tips – Balancing Context and Mystery
  • Creator Corner Post: Location Development – Blue’s Brownstone
  • Creator Corner Post: Luzan and the Itsuri Military Uniform Feature

I also have added a new patron level!

Monthly coaching calls.  Every month we’ll chat one-on-one about your creative goals. I’ll help you make plans, build strategies, and share with you my experience.  Don’t wait.  Start building your dream today!

If you are already a patron, I cannot say it enough: Thank you.  I appreciate you so much, and I’m so happy to have our little patron community.  You are all wonderful.


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… And this revelation made me link Vision with Apophis. This, this is called bad news.

My quick Google search for Apophis yielded a comet…I’m guessing that is not what you meant? I AM INTRIGUED. Tell me more?

check out some Egyptian mythology <3 I honestly thought you were a mytho buff because Kali is also a deity in Hinduism.

Anywho look up Apep instead, Apophis is the Greek version of the name and Apep may lead better results. Super brief description is a snake-demon that is the great enemy of Ra the sun god.

My mytho buffness leans heavily towards Greek and Japanese research. I have but dabbled in Egyptian, mostly regarding Anubis, Osiris, and Isis in the myths surrounding Osiris’ resurrection. About the same level of knowledge for Norse myth. Always happy to learn more though!

Pretty much all mythology is equal parts super cool and kinda messed up, in my experience. 😀 I would love to learn more about Norse and (apparently) there is something of a revival of Norse mythos as a modern practice called Asatru? Who knew?!

So he’s basically the Pale Man. Got it.

Y’all throwing around these references like I am hip enough to get them. I am not. I am not hip at all. I was born ancient. Ancient I remain.

Google search indicated a Pan’s Labyrinth reference, but I never watched said movie so I am in the dark. Illuminate these shadows for these creaky old bones?

Oh my god, stop what you’re doing and watch Pan’s Labyrinth. It is one of the most beautiful films in existence. Also terrifying.

I won’t spoil the Pale Man, but part of his design was based off the painting Saturn Devours His Son, so that should give you an idea of what his deal is/why it reminds me of this.

At the time I did not see it because I’d heard there was sexual violence in it. And that was before I was assaulted. So…I really, really have no desire to have that trauma triggered. Even if it is very pretty.

Not to say that I don’t totally understand, but I’m really racking my brain as to what they were referring to. There’s definitely graphic violence, and not just the fantasy kind, but there’s no specifically sexual violence in it, unless you count an arranged marriage type situation. But the characters in that marriage don’t interact very much. Nevertheless. Upon reviewing that in my head, I had forgotten just how gorram violent it is, so I understand.

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