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C013P12 – Smarter than they look

C013P12 – Smarter than they look published on 6 Comments on C013P12 – Smarter than they look

Behold, the majestic god of knowledge…and…his pack of Flufferbutts…in…his natural environment.



Ok, so, it turns out when Dream Eater doesn’t have the chance to prepare a dramatic entrance with absolute control over his environment, he maybe doesn’t come across in quite the same way.  Also, metaphorically speaking, I wonder what his lack of housekeeping means for the chunk of Zhiro’s brain that Dream Eater is camping in?

In other news, the short story I’ve been illustrating for the lovely comic Snow by Night has started to post!

It has given me the chance to draw two things that I particularly enjoy:

  1.  Characters of questionable morality
  2.  FIRE.  FIRE.  FIRE.  FIRE…. (FIRE.)

Never read Snow by Night?  Here’s the quick pitch:

Snow-by-Night is a winter spirit on a quest to find her heart. Her path leads her to Sherbourg, a city built on the colonial frontier. She befriends Blaise and Jassart, a pair of thieves, who each have very different reasons for helping her. With their meddling, her quest does not go as she hoped, and she discovers that finding a heart is a greater challenge than she ever imagined.
It’s been a fun challenge to work with another creator.  I haven’t illustrated a comic script for someone else in over a decade.  It’s pushed me to try different kinds of pacing and has overall been a great experience.  If you haven’t already, why not take a dive through the archive and discover a new comic?


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