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C13P56 – What did you do

C13P56 – What did you do published on 11 Comments on C13P56 – What did you do

Wherever Dream Eater is concerned, Zhiro always starts with absolute faith that suddenly gets called into question…and then a moment of sudden panic.  That’s a lot of good faith to burn through, DE.  Something to think about for the future.  Just saying.

On the other half of this dream-walking duo, I love writing for Kali so much. She is a passionate and blunt person, and sometimes that can make her really intense, but it also means that she changes her mind and empathizes with people more than pretty much anybody on the cast.

Kali will make snap-judgements about someone, but she’s also willing to look at things from somebody else’s perspective. She always acts very certain in the moment, but as soon as she has time to think, she’ll start to reconsider her position.  Sometimes that’s a bad thing, because she’ll doubt herself too much, but I think it takes a lot of courage to take a hard look at your actions and try to learn from them.  Fundamentally, she cares about people, she hates to see anybody hurting, and she’s willing to question her past actions. She’s also willing to support people by saying the good things she sees, as well as the bad.  And I love all of those things about her.

The entire Naza family could learn a lot from Kali.  And Dream Eater could too.


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Ughhh Kali you’re so fantastic. That’s exactly what DE needs to hear in this situation, having been in it… you seem to be good at playing mediator, when your own emotions aren’t on the hook and you’re not personally invested. And a character who’s willing to admit she’s wrong is a fantastic role model for these all.

I am enjoying that we get a whole other side to see to DreamEater those last pages. We already saw him furious, saddened and arrogant, but now we see him unsecure. And that is something else.

And it makes sense DreamEater is so worried about Zhiro’s opinion. Faith in your world has effect on the gods. And seeing more and more people are believing in The Ruler Of ULai DreamEater AND the Keepers losing their memory, Zhiro might be the last important believer DreamEater has. (that we know of)
(Altough, I don’t know what the other monks believe. Are they aware of the secret library?)

So discovering something ugly about his God, might alter Zhiro’s opinion, which could be bad for DreamEater. But yeah, telling the truth might be important for a god who considers himself the keeper of knowledge and the truth.

Also, I find it very thought-provoking what Kali says. I guess, while I sort of always knew, I never really realized that other people have the right to decide to how they think of you.

Accepting that other people have the right to make up their own minds regarding me is something I’ve always struggled with, because I want so much to please people. The idea that there are people out there that probably dislike me is very hard for me to handle, but I think it’s also very important to learn that the value someone else gives me is not the same as the value I have in myself. One is not dictated by the other.

I think I know exactly how DE feels, and how toxic that kind of reasoning behind secrets can be in a relationship. The reason for hiding the truth is well-intentioned in a way, if only out of self preservation. but always a bad idea as secrets have a way of finding the light of day and upfront honesty usually nets more for you than having hidden it all.

Kali rockin it as a helpful mind! <3 get all the feels out everyone!

A note about the theme of toxic secrets in relationships – I was roleplaying a rather intense scene with my friend about our characters’ relationship, where it came out that her character had been in with a group of criminals who were blackmailing him into continuing to work for them after he quit. My character’s words:

“I’m not mad that you did those things in the past, because you know now that they were wrong and you were hurting back then too much to get it. I’m not even mad that you continued to do it because you thought that it was the only way to help your friends. I -am- mad that you lied and tried to hide it from me; I’m your partner. I’m not going to leave you just because you made some mistakes. But if I can’t trust you, then the relationship is over before it even starts. I can’t sit here and wait around for you to come home hurt and have you pretend that everything is fine and have to pretend that I’m okay with it… if I can’t trust you to tell me the truth, how can I trust you at all?”

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