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Invisible: AutoBio Short

Invisible: AutoBio Short published on 10 Comments on Invisible: AutoBio Short

This short is 10 parts long.  As I post parts, I will add them here until all 10 have been published.







ink_07Shades of Grey can be read here.




CJ Joughin creates the comic City of Cards which is about a failed former professional wrestler and his amnesiac ghost hunting partner living in a dystopic, corporate-run, future Reno Nevada.  The quote in the comic above was something CJ said to me on a particularly difficult day, when I was feeling especially dominated by fear.  I printed that comment out and put it on my wall above my desk.  Not long after, I started work on this short.  Thank you CJ.  Your comment meant a lot to me.


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it hurts a lot tinking about this bcause of how much it reminds me of both me and my mother. It was honestly a huge revelation when I was talking here, on a Leylines page, about how my (extended) family treated me and someone wsa like, “I’m sorry your aunt emotionally abused you that way” (or something like that) and I just sat there for like ten minutes going “Holy crap. The way my aunt treated me as a child was emotionally abusive.”

Since then I’ve been fighting myself for the right to speak and be heard. I’m so glad you’re finally at the point where you’re ready to take that right by the steering wheel and drive it around. It might just be a test drive but I hope you take it home, and to heart.

I had a similar moment with my family. It’s funny how actually giving it a word, a label, can be so earth shattering. “This is not normal. This is not okay. This is not healthy. This is abuse.” Calling it what it is, instead of excusing it, dismissing it, letting it stand as “just the way it is,” can be very powerful and important.

Robin!! I’m so glad you decided to draw and share this comic. I remember when you were first working on it, you were very anxious about publishing it. I hope finishing and sharing this has given you a lot of good feelings (release, relief, connection, pride, etc) and been worth making :). It means a lot to me as an abuse survivor, a queer person, and a fellow storyteller to know there are others out there not just with each of those experiences, but all of them together. We can be stronger when we have each other <3

Noel!! I was definitely super anxious about publishing it, and that continued for the first several, but over time I became more comfortable. It helped that so many people were connecting with the piece and sharing their own stories. We are both a lot less alone than I had assumed when I started.

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