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C3P8 – Worries

C3P8 – Worries published on 14 Comments on C3P8 – Worries

Apparently Warren has inherited my paranoia. Welcome to a life of constant suspicion, buddy!

I’m the type that always assumes the worst is going to happen, and plans accordingly. I read recently that this has been dubbed “defensive pessimism” and is now being seen as a good thing because it motivates people to act. Provided it’s applied appropriately, that is. Optimism also is a good motivator, particularly in the face of great odds, but where it falls short is when things are going well. Then optimists tend to assume everything will work out fine and often don’t take precautions to make sure that’s the case. A little pessimism in that situation can prevent problems from happening in the first place. Of course, being a pessimist when times are already bad can outright cripple your chances of success.

Defensive pessimism is also why I have an emergency food stash in my basement. That zombie apocalypse could be right around the corner, you know!

Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist? When has it paid off, or gotten you into trouble?

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