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K’thriss Fanart

K’thriss Fanart published on No Comments on K’thriss Fanart

I don’t often make fan-art.  I don’t typically make art outside of LeyLines work at all.  The guilt of “you could be spending this time working on pages” is always very strong.  My sketchbooks are not full of carefree doodles, but a refuge of last resort when I’m in a block and trying to figure out a script.  Most of the pages are filled with written notes.  So if I create a piece of art outside of LeyLines that I am not specifically commissioned for, it is a very rare thing indeed.

So in lieu of a bonus comic, here is something I made when I could have been working on pages, and I’m really dang pleased with how it came out.  It was a blast to make, and I got to try out a lot of new techniques, and I hope it pleases those for whom it was made.  The C Team of Acquisitions Inc has become a coloring companion when I’m working on pages and if you enjoy DnD hijinks mixed with occasional highly abstracted Lovecraftian imagery, you’ll probably enjoy it as well.  This particular character is played by Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit, Broodhollow, Starslip).  A drow from the Underdeep capable of channeling unknowable powers, K’thriss Drow’b is on a mission to decipher the will of an unfathomable creature of destructive power…only to attract the attention of another.  Neither offers salvation…but salvation was never the point.

This was done with ink, Chameleon markers, and Gouache paint. For those of you that are curious about materials.  I’m especially pleased with the rainbow light effects I managed to achieve, as well as detailing on the face.  Here’s some close-ups:

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