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Ask the Cast

Ask the Cast published on 2 Comments on Ask the Cast

If you’d like to ask a question of a cast member, feel free to comment here or send me an email.  I’ll add it to my list!  You’re welcome to ask as many questions as you like.  Right now I’m trying to space out answers so I don’t answer just one person’s questions, but I’ll try to swing back and answer as many as I can.

So I was working on this QnA comic, and having so much fun doing it, when suddenly this thought popped into my head:

New Head Canon: in a modern AU version of LeyLines, Una is a famous and wealthy romance novelist…

Close on its heels was this addendum:  Oh! Oh!! And Pakku is her copy editor. “Miss Una, the Oxford Comma exists for a reason! I suggest you use it.”

So naturally I had to share these thoughts on Twitter and Facebook because THE WORLD NEEDED TO SHARE IN MY JOY…and lo, it did, because not only did other people add in their own hilarious theories on how the two of them would function in this dynamic (I’m thinking a more evenly matched Shigure and Mitsuru vibe, for anybody else that loved Fruits Basket like me) but then Christina Major of the hilarious world-hopping romp that is Sombulus sent me this:

And yes, that’s a Dream Eater decal.  Christina said:  “The eyes glow when the power is onThe Mysteries are behind all the big tech companies. Dream Eater’s computers are popular, but have a big problem with memory loss.”

And the memory loss comment KILLED ME and I am DEAD NOW OF THE GIGGLES FOREVER.

Tama has a history of being terrible at games of strategy. Now verses Mizha, THAT match would be something to see.


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