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C13P20 Ignorance

C13P20 Ignorance published on 17 Comments on C13P20 Ignorance

It just occurred to me that Zhiro and Kali make a scary good-cop/bad-cop team.  Not that Zhiro would ever think of himself that way.  He would be appalled at the very suggestion.  (Kali would gleefully crack her knuckles menacingly and grin at you in a scary way at the idea, so I think she’d be totally cool with the concept.)

Cory cut my hair for me this weekend.  It’s the shortest I’ve ever had it and we decided to try shaving portions because 1) IT WAS SO LONG IT WAS DRIVING ME INSANE and 2) Why not?

Here’s a picture from my latest Vlog for Patreon:

What’s been interesting is that it is a more masculine look…and oddly that makes me want to do more girly things.  Like put on make up or wear earrings.  Neither of which I generally do.  Not that the make-up experiments ever leave the house, because…well…they tend to get Out Of Hand.

Like, most of the make-up I have was bought for me by various well-meaning individuals.  And as a result, the colors are all boring and I’m sure very sensible but mostly BORING.  So I’ll put some eye shadow on and think, “It needs…more color.  More excitement!  MORE DRAMA!” and then I’ll keep adding more and more colors and trying to make more interesting shapes and before you know it I’m drawing crazy designs on my face with lip-stick and bearing an odd resemblance to David Bowie album covers.

Really, what I want out of make-up fashion is Morticia Addams if she’d embraced the gloriously questionable color choices of the eighties.

What weird fashion do you love that you wish the rest of the world liked too?