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11 Comments on Cover: Everything is Fine

Cover: Everything is Fine

January 16, 2011

Welcome, New Reader, to LeyLines!

My name is Robin Dempsey, creator of this tale you’re about to dive into, and I wanted to thank you for visiting the site and reading the story! I am passionate about storytelling and so excited to share my story of intrigue, adventure, romance, magic, and myth with you!

I’m always eager to talk shop about comics & storytelling, or to hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions! If you ever need to contact me, please feel free to comment or email me at the address shown in the bottom right corner of this site.

Once again, thank you for coming, and I hope you enjoy LeyLines!


hey, for some reason, the “next” button isn’t appearing. maybe it’s my computer, but you may want to look into it on your end in case it’s not.

Hi David! I’ve checked it on two different systems and browsers, but the Next button seems to be showing up. What browser are you using, and is it a problem on every page? (For example, if you go to Page 1 is it still a problem?)

You should also be able to click on the page itself to advance. Please let me know if the problem persists!

I would choose my soul, I’m sorry family but without my soul I’m nothing just a body of mere existence.

It’s funny how people react differently to that question. Some find it an easy choice. Others can’t decide at all. I think it’s interesting to consider, regardless of what you conclude.

I came to the convention on sunday and you drew me the mushroom programming a computer, i just commented to tell you i really enjoy your comics

I remember you! You were the only person that asked for a computer-related mushroom, so I had a lot of fun drawing that one because it was a great change of pace. I’m so glad you decided to check out the website, and that you enjoyed the comic. Thank you!


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