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C10P18 – Not going away

March 24, 2014

Sometimes you can get the better of a dream figure…and sometimes that just gives them an excuse to play a new card.

Cory and I had this weekend slated for final preparation for Emerald City Comic Con, so naturally the first thing that happened on Friday evening was that I tore the lining between my lung and ribs…again…on my LEFT side this time.  Because I guess my right felt that it wasn’t fair that only it got to experience the excruciating pain.  My health just has not been very good lately.  It’s starting to get a little scary.  In the past five months, I’ve spent more days ill than I have well.  It starts to feel like I’m never going to get better.  I start freaking out about “super germs,” wondering if the kids have given me some super-hardy strain of illness that is going to enforce a slow, lingering death.  Naturally, these worries don’t do a darn bit of good to actually helping me recover, but I can’t stop these concerns from running around in my mind.

I did go to the doctor last week and they prescribed antibiotics.  Unfortunately, they were too late to prevent the lung lining tear, but they do seem to have helped with the cold.

Now I just have to heal enough to be able to lift my arm past my shoulder.  Yeah.  Come on, lungs!  Just stitch yourselves on up, okay??


nice page robin, sorry to hear about you health. maybe you should learn some meditation to help you breath and relax.

On a separate note would you kindly follow me on twitter I would like to ask you something.

So it’s been a while since I’ve read your comic but it didn’t take me long to catch up. Phew. And it’s great to see the comic is still going strong and still as awesome as ever.

I really like the art style you use in the dream sequences, as well as the transition in colour from cool blues to garish reds. Really nice. I also can’t wait to see where this leads.


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