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 Chapter One – Everything is Fine

After the sudden and mysterious death of his wife, High Sage Koruval gathers his children together for their protection. However, this broken family may have more to fear from each other than from shadowy assassins.




 Chapter Two – Masked Intentions

Mizha, Tama, and Zhiro are reunited after five years, but as they prepare for their mother’s funeral, they are faced with a difficult truth: You can’t rewrite the past, you can only move forward.




 Chapter Three – Suspicions

Trapped on a train, Auditor Pakku cringes in coach at the hygiene of his fellow passengers, Tama loses a game of cards, and Warren chafes under the demands his royal passengers. And then, assassins try to kill them all.




Chapter Four – Figments

Mizha unleashes her Dreamer powers to attack the assassins, but when her nightmares turn on her, everyone is plunged into the deepest shadows of her mind. Yet at the center of this maelstrom, Mizha discovers something precious…and perhaps even divine.




Chapter Five – Recollections and Lies

Warren reluctantly joins forces with Auditor Pakku to investigate the attack on the train. While wrestling with his guilt and questions of loyalty, he begins to suspect a conspiracy at work, and realizes the crown may be in danger of falling to the same mysterious group that tore his own family apart.




Chapter Six – Talking to Gods

Tama, Mizha, and Zhiro find safety in the village of a forgotten tribe. After their narrow escape, Mizha is lost in her own dreams, and Tama and Zhiro are both unable to help her. While Tama distracts himself with uncovering the secrets of their hosts, Zhiro calls upon Dream Eater to make a dangerous pact.




Chapter Seven – Cowardice

The presence of outsiders has stirred up old fears in the lost tribe, and the Elders will go to any length to protect the secret of their village. While Tama, Mizha, and Zhiro butt heads over their next move, Kali struggles with her own desire to leave.




Chapter Eight – Power Play

When Kali announces her intention to travel the world with Tama, Mizha, and Zhiro, the tribe chieftain takes extreme measures to make Kali uphold her responsibility to the old gods. When the Elders seize Zhiro as a sacrificial offering, Dream Eater steps into Zhiro’s body to see if he can change their minds.




Chapter Nine – More Than Blood

Unable to trust anyone and plagued with guilt, Koruval desperately awaits news of his children. Tama and Zhiro come to blows over their place in the va Naza family, and Mizha is forced to seek solace in a new friend.

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Chapter Ten – What was Lost

Frustrated at losing the vision the Rainbow Goddess sent her, Mizha enters the dream world to see if she can reclaim it. However, the figments of her psyche have their own ideas, and she is forced to face one of her deepest regrets. When the Keepers discover Zhiro’s bargain, it has devastating consequences. Particularly when Dream Eater decides to face them directly.




Chapter Eleven – According to Plan

When Warren’s ego threatens his partnership with Pakku, their fragile alliance crumbles completely. Isolated on the hunt for the lost Scion, Warren seeks help from his elder brother and rival. While Pakku attempts to track down Guild corruption on his own, he discovers an unlikely ally in a known assassin.

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Chapter Twelve – Desolation

Zhiro is still reeling from his banishment by the Keepers. His companions, despite their good intentions, are only increasing the strain. Can he keep himself together, or will this rock of the family finally crack?

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Short story

Illustrated by Eren Fitzgerald

Written by Robin Childs

Special Thanks to Noel Arthur Heimpel

Vignette – Acceptance

Una has an old acquaintance that the Order of Eclipse hopes she can exploit for them…but will Blue accept her back into his life? And can she live with herself if he does?

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Chapter Thirteen – History Lesson

Using Mizha’s powers as a Dreamer, Zhiro plans to confront Dream Eater inside his own mind.  Will the trickster god be willing to give up his secrets?

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Short story

Illustrated by Noel Arthur Heimpel

Written by Robin Childs

Vignette – Schism

Pakku digs deeper into the corruption of the Guild he’s dedicated his life to.  Can he live with what he finds?



Current Chapter

Chapter Fourteen – Making a Difference

When Tama appoints himself in charge of smuggling Kali across Province borders, his methods leave a lot to be desired.  Are Tama’s so-called heroics really making a difference?

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