Main Cast

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Tama va Naza, High Sage Scion

Spirited and rebellious, Tama always has his own ideas on how things should be done. Especially if they’re the opposite of what his father wants. Tama enjoys being around people, and doesn’t let social norms define who his friends should be. His hands-on attitude to life has made him a terrible student, but a jack-of-all trades. All trades except, of course, the ones his father wants him to have.

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Mizha va Naza

Mizha is typically an excitable space case, but she also has a serious side that she keeps hidden from most of the world. She often assumes the role of mediator and peacekeeper, keeping a gentle smile on her face until the crisis is past. Afterward she bottles up her feelings and flees to the shelter of fantasy. Mizha is often lost in her own world, absorbed in memories or recreating her own history in her mind. She has untrained Dreamer abilities, inherited from her mother, which allow her to make physical manifestations of her dreams in the real world using a mirror as a focus. However, she has little control over these creations, and using the power causes a slow erosion of the mind. Much like her late mother, Mizha’s line between fantasy and reality is becoming less and less clear.

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Zhiro is a serious young Timu that strives to epitomize Lightbringer values. He is loyal, obedient, and ambitious, driven to be a worthy son to his adoptive father, Koruval. This created a fierce rivalry between Zhiro and Tama when they were younger, and although they now consider themselves blood-brothers, their differing views on what it means to be a son still causes tension between them. Zhiro is a Shadow Monk, which gives him the ability to act as a vessel for the dark god of knowledge, Dream Eater.

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Kali likes to keep to herself, and she’s quick to let people know it. Pragmatic and no-nonsense, Kali readily accepts the weight of responsibility that her people have placed upon her. Yet she still yearns for a chance to see the world outside her tribe’s hidden village, and discover the secrets to her own past and strange powers.

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Lu Pai

Lu Pai is a veteran from the Pwama-Itsuri War and spent two years in a Prisoner of War Camp…at least, that’s what he claims. The only thing you can be sure of with Lu Pai is he’s a liar, and while many of his lies are based on truth, you can never be sure you’re getting the full story. An expert at playing on the emotions of others, this dangerous fighter hides his skills beneath a mask of incompetence and cowardice.

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Dr. Milan

Dr. Milan is a journey-man physician that values precision and professionalism. That much is true. The part he keeps to himself is that he’s an expert assassin, particularly skilled with poisons. Dr. Milan seems to have a personal stake in this mission against the Scion. At least, enough to let his temper get the better of him. Although Dr. Milan is far younger than Lu Pai and with much less field experience, he’s the officer in charge of this operation for the Order. And he doesn’t tolerate failure well.

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Una aka The Crimson Hand

Una is a master of disguise, infiltration, and forgery. Not an official member of the Order, The Crimson Hand is a mercenary that has worked with Lu Pai on a few jobs in the past. Una has a love for pranks and an irreverence that drives Dr. Milan crazy, but even the uptight doctor can’t deny that Una gets the job done. Although Una’s taste in bright colors might give you the impression of a forthright character, Una keeps the past close to the chest.

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Supporting Cast

Koruval va Naza, High Sage

As the High Sage and leader of the Itsuri Empire, Koruval often must put the needs of his nation above his own personal desires. He is a strict and cold man, reserved and somber, but he also strives to be fair. He believes necessity outweighs idealism, and works tirelessly to balance the divergent demands of the Council of Elders, the Sun Sages, the Merchants Guild, and the Pwama dignitaries. As a father, Koruval was often distant and harsh, but he wants the best for his children, even if he doesn’t really understand them.

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The Late Naiome va Naza

Lady Naiome married Koruval va Naza twenty-four years ago to cement the peace treaty signed between the Itsuri and Pwama nations. She was soft spoken, kind, and demure. In the past few years, she become mentally ill, and it is rumored that this sickness lead to her recent demise.

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Warren va Zhimaki, Captain of the Guard

The va Zhimaki family has been the traditional Head of the Guard for the va Naza family for generations. Warren has only recently inherited the post, and is driven to live up to the high standards of his family and prove that he’s just as good as his older brothers…even if he had a different mother.

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Pakku va Wulka, Auditor

Pakku is a brilliant Auditor, an inspector for the Merchant Guilds to investigate corruption and bring crooked merchants to justice. He has a keen mind for detail, to the point of obsession, which makes him really good at his job…and really terrible at everything else.

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Vekken va Kapo, Kuzopa Steward

Vekken is the Steward of the Kuzopa Province. Born decades after unification with Itsuri, he has never known a time when Kuzopa was not part of the Empire. However, the loyalty of his Province is frequently questioned, particularly by the older Itsuri families, even though Vekken is a staunch supporter of the High Sage. As the youngest member of the Council of Elders, he does not get much respect. However, his greatest challenge, more so than even Itsuri politics, is his own family. Vekken is trying to change the reputation of the Kuzopa Province, but his elder brother Noren, the Governor of Kuzopa, believes that if the other Provinces are going to treat them like thieves and bandits, they may as well act the part.

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Koa va Momuru, Momuru Steward

Koa is the jolly patriarch of the Momuru family. His favorite pastimes are enjoying a good meal with his many children and grandchildren, sipping coffee in a quiet garden, or enjoying a therapeutic soak in the famous Momuru hot springs. Koa makes a point to enjoy life, and doesn’t let things ruffle him easily. He’s typically content to observe events and let them unfold naturally, with perhaps only a gentle nudge here or there to influence the outcome. The people of the Momuru province remember when their clan was nearly wiped out for the sake of pride. A common phrase among them is “Better to be thought a fool and live well, than stand for the sake of pride and die a fool.” It is a saying Koa has taken to heart as he navigates the treacherous Itsuri political landscape.

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Renar va Zhimaki, Zakalola Steward

Renar is the eldest brother of Warren va Zhimaki, and serves as the Steward of the Zakalola province. Renar is known for being both charming and ruthless in manner. Prior to becoming the Zakalola Seward, he served in the military, distinguishing himself during some of the worst unrest in the Zhumowelo and Vilazozhu provinces. Renar is widely known as a tactful diplomat who always gets the best side of the deal by cleverness and an unyielding force of will.

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Ravazhi the Wanderer

Ravazhi is an oddity among the all-Timu Raviki Tribe. The father-figure to Kali, he has watched over her since she was very young, and after the death of her mother was her only care-taker. In his youth, Ravazhi was originally a Visionary missionary, but became frustrated at the appropriation and systematic destruction of Timu culture. He left the church and became a great traveler, searching for lost civilizations. He founded the anthropology institute at the Kizhimo University. However, his insistence on preserving the original Timu cultures was very unpopular with Visionaries. One day he vanished, and it was rumored that he was off on a final expedition in search of the last lost Timu temple.

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Chief Nikel

Nikel is fiercely protective of his tiny tribe. Harsh and ill-tempered, he is not an easy person to get along with. Under his strict guidance, he has preserved the teachings of a dying culture and kept his people safe from Visionary discovery and persecution. Highly suspicious of outsiders, Nikel expects the worst of strangers. Especially Lightbringers.

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