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Unravel the Will of the Gods…

Peace can be shattered by the softest sound — an assassin’s light tread, a careless confession, or, perhaps the most deadly, the whisper of a sinister secret.

Secrets have haunted the High Sage’s family for generations. The mystery that drives Tama and Mizha, the young heirs to the throne, is who killed their mother–and whether they’ll be next.

As their nation becomes entangled in conspiracy, the only way they can save their family and their home is to seek out the ancient gods, but the gods give nothing for free.

A brother and sister questing for truth. An ex-slave consumed by revenge and a guard captain with a terrible secret. A shadow monk who pays for his powers with his memories and a banished seer haunted by visions of war. Secrets and riddles bind them together. Unraveling the will of the gods may be the only way to save their world — or destroy everything they’ve ever known.

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The Cast

Want to learn who is who in the land of Itsuri? Prepare to meet the cast of LeyLines! This page is updated as new characters are introduced, so check back regularly for new information!

The World

Discover the lands of Itsuri and Pwama, home to the Timu, Tamakepe, and their gods. Learn about the two nations, and the structure of the nine provinces that make up the Itsuri Empire. See maps of the world and provinces.

The Language

The native tongue of the Empire is Pamaru, a language of my own invention! Learn common phrases, hear the pronunciation of names, and delve into the cultural rules of the world’s words.

The Creator

For those of you that want a life story, I’ve written one. So if you’re looking for a brief(ish) biography, you’ve come to the right place.

Moko Press

Cory and I created Moko Press to support all our story-telling endeavors. You can learn more about our stories, as well as my creative consulting services, on the Moko Press website.

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Still have questions? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to Email me at RobinRone{at symbol}gmail.com

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