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C14P21 Cities

C14P21 Cities published on 11 Comments on C14P21 CitiesPurchase

The hunt for the rogue code continues.  C.A. is super sleuthing to locate the issues.  The Master Techno Detective informed me of a lot of things that quite frankly have mostly gone over my head.  What I can glean is that the site’s code itself seems to be okay, but that my host may have issues with cache problem…things…That’s pretty much where my understanding of the situation ended.  What’s important is that it’s being worked on by a Magical Matrix Mission Impossible Operative.  I’m pretty sure that’s what C.A. is.  Also a comic artist. 

I’m very excited to announce the launch of the first lesson in the online course I’ll be doing on character motive for the $5/month folks over on Patreon!  Lesson one is an introduction to character motive covering definitions, importance, and how it drives plot and shapes character behavior.  The lesson includes both an article and a two page worksheet to explore the different types of motives discussed.  I enjoyed putting this together and I’m looking forward to diving into this topic in much more depth in the coming months.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Tama, just please, please, shut your mouth.

Also, since Mizha and Zhiro are still off being busy, I can only assume that *they* got to have the adorable shopping montage, where the two of them further repaired the rift in their relationship through retail therapy.

Yeah I think what Tama isn’t seeing is that he had a choice to be “anonymous” and could step back into his life without a hitch. Some people are anonymous their whole lives because they have no other choice – so for them, the city might not be so exciting… more like drudgery and misery.

Yeah, he really needs to listen to “Common People”.

(P.S. For some reason the comment form automatically filled in Tingershark06’s name and email address.)

I had never heard that song before and it is PERFECT.

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