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C13P47 – Burn it

C13P47 – Burn it published on 2 Comments on C13P47 – Burn it

So now we know why the central temple was the newest temple…and why it’s dedicated to the Dead.

A reminder that if you’d like to participate in the fan-work context, this is your last week to send in your entry!  Everything is due July 1st.  I’ll be taking a break in July to recuperate from convention madness/exhaustion and rebuild the buffer that I’ve lost.  In that time I’ll be posting what you and your fellow LeyLians have sent in.  You all will get to vote on a winner at the end of the break.  Email me your submissions at mokopress (at symbol)  Anything that can be recorded in a format I can share digitally (mp3, text, images, youtube video link, etc) is a perfectly valid and awesome form of expression.

More info here!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

We’ve also had a few new people join us on Patreon or raise their pledges and I wanted to say “Thank you!” to those folks because you are amazing.  I hope you’re enjoying the vlogs, early pages, articles, and videos.  This past week I finished my third volume of notes/development sketches for LeyLines and shared that sketchbook with Creator Corner backers.   It was neat to go through and track how different ideas evolved for chapters as I went through those pages.  I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane, and I hope you enjoyed seeing more of my process too!


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LeyLines Fan-Creation Contest

LeyLines Fan-Creation Contest published on

I’ll be taking a summer break in July to recover from Kickstarters/IndieGoGo fulfillment and conventions and rebuild my buffer.  During that time I will be posting fan-creations with a Modern AU theme.  At the end I’ll post a poll for people to vote for their favorite piece.  Winner will receive their choice of a set of LeyLines books (provided they live in the USA — Sorry international folks, but shipping for a set is running at $67 these days!) OR a full color commission.

You don’t have to be a visual artist to participate!  All creative pieces are welcome.  If it can be put into a format that I can share online, that counts!  So bring your stories, songs, poems, videos, and what-have-you.  All are wonderful.

These pieces will remain in the archive afterward, so if you have a project of your own that you’d like me to link when your work is posted, please let me know!

Questions?  Comment here, or contact me.

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