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C11P33 – Allies

December 17, 2014

See? We’re all friends here, Warren. Right? Right…This in no way will lead you into hardship and misery down the line.

I’d like to take a moment to wish every LeyLian a happy holiday, whatever you celebrate. Or, in the event that you don’t celebrate a winter holiday, that you just have a good winter in general. Personally I’m not a big holiday person, but I like the season of winter. It makes me feel like hibernating. Things seem less insanely busy in winter. This is only encouraged by snow and ice, because then I definitely don’t want to go outside on the roads. It feels like the time to curl up and catch up with the world.

In that vein, we’ll be doing a holiday break next week the same way that we did over Thanksgiving. I was able to gain five days of buffer, and if I can do the same amount next week, it will help my stress levels a lot. I much prefer having a larger buffer, so these little breaks make a big difference!

As before, I’ll be live streaming twice during the week as I work on pages. Unlike last time, I’ll be making these events for patrons only. So if you’d like to join us next week, please head on over to the Patreon page and become a supporter of LeyLines!

Thank you so much for your support and understanding, and I will see you again for regular LeyLines pages on Monday the 29th!


(whine of protest) No- no updates? For a whole week?
Guess I have to muddle through… and wait for the dramatic return when we get to see some hopefully entertaining responses from Warren and Pakku!
Happy Holidays, Robin.

Happy Holidays to you as well! And it will be hard for me too. I feel like every bit of delay is too much of one, but the sensible side of me says that if I just post everything I have, more won’t magically appear. Darn it!


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