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Progress Report 3

September 25, 2015

Greetings LeyLians! Another update to share another short story, let you know how things are progressing, and discuss some changes that will be coming when LeyLines returns!

New Short Story

New pay-what-you-want short story! This one is by my husband, Cory, and I think he perfectly captures the nuances of our favorite trickster god of knowledge!

“Uncommon Exchange”

Today, you have a rare opportunity. For one day only, the temple doors are open. The incense is lit. An entire world of knowledge is yours for the taking, if only you have the courage to ask for it, and are willing to pay the priceā€¦

Do you dare make a deal with Dream Eater?

PDF Download.
Short story (prose) ~5,000 words. Written by Cory Childs. Originally part of 2014 Trickster Tales compilation.

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Page Progress

Chapter 11 is going to be a monster!! As of this moment, I have inked 33 new pages and I’m nearing the final few scenes. My best guess is that it will be somewhere between 90-110 pages when it’s done. My current plan is to start posting LeyLines again once all of Chapter 11 is complete (colors and all) and I have finished writing the script for Chapter 12. That way I will have a strong buffer, the same size as when I first started the story, AND we won’t run into the same problem with a bad script the way that we did this time. The good news: Inks for Chapter 11 are nearly complete! The bad news: …only 2 of them are colored.

Changes in Coloring Style

I’ve noticed increasingly that I am really resistant to coloring these days. It’s the only part of the process that feels like a huge chore. And I’m wondering if some recent (ish) choices in coloring style weren’t a contributing factor to falling behind in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, the core problem was DEFINITELY the script, but the coloring wasn’t helping.

Starting right around…here, I think…I started pushing more and more extreme value ranges. My thought was that it would make the shading more realistic. More like an illustrator. The problem is, this has made a lot of the pages darker and darker (which will not print well), takes more and more time to do as I obsess over details (indulging my perfectionist tendencies is rarely a smart idea), and worst of all, creates results that I’m really not very happy with! However, I’ve felt obligated to keep going in the same style through the end of the chapter…and as the size of it has ballooned, the desire to color at all has shrunk proportionally.

So, after much debate, and solicitation of opinions on various social media, I think I will be transitioning to a style more like this:
(This is a fan-art piece I did to test this new style for the work of the wonderful MistyTang! Check her comics out here!)

It’s moving away from the illustrator-y style and more towards animation shading…which makes a little more sense to my logic brain, since part of comics SHOULD be speed. If it takes me 12 hours to color a single page, something has gone horribly wrong.

I’ll try to make the transition as graceful as I can, sneaking it into a scene change, but I hope you will enjoy the new look! I think I’ll enjoy MAKING it a lot more!!

Other planned changes

I also want to update the website for the return. We’ve had this style a pretty long time, but there are things about it that are showing their age. I’d like to make the archive page more welcoming. And I’d like to add more features to things like my Creative Consulting (for which I’m currently taking new clients, if you have a story that you need some help on!) as well as these short stories, Patreon, and even other projects Cory and I are working on. I’d also like to make it possible for people to purchase the original inks for LeyLines pages! So the short of it is:

1) The website will be changing, and I hope you’ll enjoy the new look!
2) If you’re familiar with the Webcomic plugin for WordPress, and would be interested in a paying job to help me overhaul it, please contact me!

LIFE, my friends…

Whew! I think that’s everything LeyLines related! As always, thank you so much for your patience and support. It was such a difficult decision to make, but ultimately I am SO HAPPY I chose to take this break. Life has change SO DRASTICALLY since then! As of last month, Cory is now working at a new job that he’s much happier at, and our finances are finally stabilizing. We’re working on Wavemen again, and I’ve finally let go of the artist reins and handed them over to several exceptionally talented artists. More on that project later!

As for me, I’ve left my job at the school and dedicated my time fully to both LeyLines and my Creative Consulting. I’ve worked with so many amazing clients! Finally, I can put the analytical skills I developed as an engineer to a cause I actually CARE about: Creating Great Stories. Helping other people overcome their own creative difficulties and challenges make me so, incredibly happy. I think stories are an innate and vital part of what it means to be human, and enabling other people to coax out the incredible narratives that live within them is an honor and privilege.

A special thank you to all the Patrons over at Patreon. You folks are seeing the week-by-week developments, so you already know all the things I’ve been talking about here. Your encouragement during all the ups and downs has been so wonderful! And it’s great for me to have a place to share all the work I’ve been doing. Thank you for being a part of this process. This year has been such a struggle, but I think I will look back on it as a turning point.

Until next time, LeyLians! Nama vone.



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