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C11P19 – Thank you?

October 22, 2014

Pakku is very concerned, and he does not appreciate it that others are not sharing his concerned.

We’ve been watching Chopped on Netflix. It kinda makes me want to do some sort of…crazy cooking event. Maybe Cory and I could be the two challengers and our friends could put together the baskets? I think we could make a pretty good show of it!

Part of the fun is putting together the baskets. You have to have some things that work together, but then that twist ingredient that just throws a loop into the system. It’s a mad science…

What four ingredients would you put in a mystery basket?


Adirondack Blue Potatoes
Transylvanian “brain” traveling tomatoes
Aged American Muenster

Poor Paku, nothing is that perfect!

I think I would make the blue potatoes and cheese into pirogi that would fry up with spam, onion, and either green beans or asparagus. Kind of a stir-fry saute.


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