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Kuzopa Model

August 29, 2014

I shared this a while back with my awesome Patreon supporters, but since I’m scrambling right now to get everything for volume three out the door, I’m sharing it here too because I am too worn out for intensive blogging today.

I’m actually planning to overhaul the Patreon page in the coming month or two, because I want to put in some new, more specific goals and add in some new reward levels. Right now I’m thinking about adding a monthly character question & answer session with Patrons, and possibly adding in a limited number of monthly Tarot readings. Mostly because I love doing Tarot readings. BUT I have no idea if either of those would tempt people in, or if there’s something else that folks would be interested in beyond what we already offer. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on reward options I could add on Patreon, please let me know! More on our new goals and plots and schemes as that develops…


WOW, your map-making process is just blowing my mind! That is, hands-down, one of the coolest world-building techniques I’ve ever seen. It looks awesome :D

Also, I didn’t know you read Tarot! I am always excited to find other Tarot readers. Not sure what people would think of it as a Patreon reward–it seems a little removed from the subject, you know? Unless you had a LeyLines themed deck :P. You could make up LeyLines-themed spreads, though! Or, do any of the characters read cards? “Get a reading from [insert character]” would be really cool!

I’ve been reading/studying Tarot for…five years? Six years? A while. ;P

I actually want to move away from the purely LeyLines themed things for the Patreon site, because Cory and I want to do more things that aren’t 100% LeyLines related with our company. So it would be there more because I, personally, like doing them, and I know people find divination and readings interesting.

You’ve made polymer clay Redwall mice too?!?

Also, I love this idea of building a physical map so you have an idea of the visual 2D map. I noticed in the first panel showing the map that it felt more 3-dimensional than the rest of the page, probably because you had this model. Very, very cool!

Wow. Just…wow. I honestly have never heard of any comics artist making a physical model of a location. I am amazed at the sheer work and artistry you put into the worldbuilding for this comic.


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