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Return Date

October 31, 2015

Greetings LeyLians! Yesterday I finished inking the final images of Chapter 11, which will be a total of 100 pages long. That means I can finally give an exact return date for the project.

I want to have a large buffer when I return. When I first began LeyLines in 2011, I had 30 pages of buffer. That’s the level at which I do best. In general, I fall apart under looming deadlines and high-stress situations. I much prefer reasonable quotas, where I can make up the time if I have a chaotic week. Keeping pace with something is much easier, and healthier, for me than operating under the gun all the time.

So of the 45 pages I have inked, 22 remain to be colored. I want to have all of them completed and ready to go when LeyLines returns. So I’ve decided we will start the year off fresh, in 2016. LeyLines will resume regular posting on January 4th of next year. Roughly two months, which is still pretty long to wait, but I’ll do my best to make it worth your while. I’m so glad I took the time to get this part of the story right. It needed the time, and so did I, and I think both the narrative and I are better for it.

Thank you for your patience and support through all of this! You have been so amazing, and I can’t wait to start chatting with you all again! One of the things I miss the most is our conversations under every page. How many places online can you say, “DEFINITELY read the comments!”?? I dare say, the situation is a rare one. It’s all of you that make this a special place, and one I’m eager to return to.

See you January 4th, 2016!


I am happy there is a return date. I mean, I understand this wait is necessary and important. But it was also long.
That is not intended als a complaintment, I am glad you and the story got better.

I look forward to the tricks of Dreameater, the growing issues of Mizha, the antics of Pakku, the secrets of Una.

I will see you and them in the new year. Until then!


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