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C11P55 – Do I know you?

April 15, 2015

There are some among you who have been asking for Una’s back-story. I ain’t sayin’ you’ll get all of it…but I ain’t saying you won’t get a little. :)

I am really enjoying the creative consulting I’m doing with a new client. He’s developing a story idea, and wanted help building it from the ground up. It is such a fantastic feeling to be able to put my analytical skills to work in a creative way. Especially when I can help someone else realize a personal project! Getting to use my critique experience, honed now with hundreds of OCT applicants, in a new way is very exciting. Every time I work with a client, feel that I have a rare opportunity to glimpse the passionate core of the person. The energy and enthusiasm is so invigorating!

I definitely want to do more of this work, and want to start promoting the creative consulting services I offer more in the coming months. (Gotta get the last few Kickstarter odds and ends done first, and rebuild the LeyLines buffer, BUT this is definitely climbing ever higher on my priority list!!) In the meantime, if you’ve got a dream story that you need some help bringing to life, drop me a line at for services and rates. Everything from Kickstarter consults to manuscript review. I’d love to help you realize your project!

What have you done recently that you’d like to do more of?


Gnee! I am very excited for Una backstory.

I have a lot of stuff that I need to be working on, but I’m still trying to adjust to working full time again. It’s a process.

Speedpainting. I would love to do more speedpainting. It makes me stretch as an artist and gets things done FAST.

Unfortunately, finding even an hour or two for my own art is well-night impossible right now…My DA will probably explode during semester break as a result XD


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