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Thanksgiving Stream #3

November 26, 2014

It was suggested to me that I try running the Hangouts from the YouTube end of Google Hangouts rather than the Google side of Google Hangouts, so I’ll be experimenting with that this time. I really want to make it easier to interact with viewers, so if this doesn’t work I’ll probably try another platform for art streams. Recommendations are welcome, if you have a preferred system!

Today’s Wednesday stream will be at 9 AM PST – 10 AM MST – 11 AM CST – 12 PM EST.

Click here for the Live Stream!

See you there!

If you’d like to see the previous stream from Monday, you can also find that on YouTube here.


Doesn’t the youtube end prevent you from chatting with people, though? Since you can only talk with people via the YT comments rather than through the features Google Hangouts has

Overall it seemed like it was much easier for people to chat and participate. With the Google Hangouts, access to a text chat was not allowed by the system for most users. It’s possible I don’t know how to use GH correctly or to its full potential, but the YouTube method seemed to work quite well!


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