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Progress Report 2

August 3, 2015

Hello my Lovely LeyLians! I hope you are all doing well. This post is to share with you a new release to tide you over during the wait, and to let you know how Mission: Rebuild Buffer is going.

Not Enough to Survive – PDF Short Story

Originally written as my contribution to the Trickster Tales compilation in 2014, I’ve revised and polished this short story of roughly 11,500 words for independent release. This story was a joy for me to work on, as it delves into the history of two characters that I really love, but probably won’t be able to include much about during the story. Namely, Ravazhi and Kali’s mother, Lita. The synopsis is below:

Ravazhi the Wanderer became a legend by cheating death, but even legends have to retire someday. Trading excitement for survival, Ravazhi resigns himself to the quiet life of a professor, until a mysterious fortune teller reveals that death is not quite done chasing him and Fate has other plans for his old age.


You choose how much to contribute! Simply type in the amount you’d like to pay during check-out. All funds will be going to pay Ben, who is helping me color pages, which helps me return to regular updating faster. It’s a win-win! Click on the button below to get your copy!

Mission: Rebuild Buffer

Speaking of pages, since the last update I have drawn and inked 12 new pages. I’ve sent a chunk off to Ben and am expecting those back soon so I can send him another batch. The script seems to be holding up well so far, and I’m very happy with how the images are turning out, which is usually a good sign. When the script is good, my unconscious mind lets me know by letting me feel happy with what I’m doing. It’s a weird system, but it seems to be working.

I’ve been posting my progress, including all my development process and inner-workings, over at the Behind-the-Scenes blog on Patreon. THANK YOU to everyone supporting me over there right now!! You’re making it possible for me to pay Ben for his great work, and that’s making a huge difference. I’m able to work a lot faster than I would normally as a result. You all ROCK!!

In other news

June I dedicated to writing, July to getting my Creative Consulting business set up, and August I promised myself I would start job searching.

August has come, so my search is now beginning. Since the job I find will have a big impact on my time, I’m hesitant to make plans for the return of LeyLines until I know what my schedule will actually be. Until then, I’m going to just keep rebuilding the buffer, so that my position when I do return is as strong as possible. I’d like to get up to at least 30 pages of finished material, which is a little under the buffer I had when I first started this story.

Thank you

I’d like to express my gratitude with how patient and supportive you have all continued to be through this uncertain and strange time in my life. In a state of overwhelming unknowns about what the future will hold, the one constant has been you. LeyLians have kept writing in to send good will and encouragement, and it has made a world of difference.

Please know how much I value your kindness and support. Nothing can boost my desire to create more than connecting with the people that value what I’m doing and are willing to wait for it. It is such a freeing feeling, and it blows away all the self-doubt and discouragement, so I can simply focus on telling the best story I can.

You are all remarkable people. I am honored beyond words that you have chosen to stick with me and this story. Thank you so much.

Nama Vone.



You’re doing a great job, Robin. You’re persevering and have a solid plan in place. I look forward to how you plan things almost as much as the comic. Keep it up and remember to take care of yourself :)

I will do my best on all accounts! I’m glad you enjoy my plans. I have so many of them, and sometimes they just like to know they’re loved. :) Cory and I are actually making great headway on additional projects right now that we’ve been working on for years, so it’s really exciting to be moving forward with so many things right now.

I understand the feelings, been job hunting for a teaching position all summer and no-go… It’s taking everything to just focus on this baby blanket that I am making for my soon-to-be nephew. I have one last hope out for a job with my Alma-mater and then it’ll be some serious bricks hitting the fan stuff. Best of luck for you! I am sure things will work out.

I waited over three years for The Meek to restart. I’m either very patient or very stubborn :-) Take care of business first.

“Mark Linimon: Patron Saint of Patience and Stubbornness” has a fair ring to it, don’t you think? :)

Thank you for the support. I don’t think it will be three years of a wait, but it may be a few more months. Creative work is hard, but job searching is brutal.


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